Durant tells the coronavirus: “At first I was scared, then …”

The Brooklyn star relives the days when he was sick of Covid for The Undefeated: “The hardest part was not knowing what I was facing” Kevin Durant wants to make his voice heard. The one that is committed to making people truly understand why “Black Lives Matter”, explaining that for him too it has become a matter of pride. What he repeats for the umpteenth time that no, in this 2019-20 will not return to the field, even now that the NBA is preparing to resume the season suspended in Disney World from July 31st. The one who, in a long interview with The Undefeated, tells about his battle with the coronavirus.

Kevin Durant talks about COVID19


On March 17, the Nets announced that 4 of their players had tested positive for coronavirus. Durant was the only one of the 4 to publicly admit to contracting Covid-19. From asymptomatic, like most NBA players become a pandemic statistic. But still positive. “I had no symptoms but I could not leave the house – says KD, who spent the lockdown in Los Angeles, where he continued to heal himself to recover from the Achilles tendon injury that has been holding him for a year -. The hard part was not knowing exactly what I was dealing with. At first I was shocked, then I became curious. I wanted to know what it meant to have the virus, what it would do to me. And then I started to inquire about the virus, its symptoms. This thing calmed me, also because it allowed me to understand what I was facing and what I could do to fight it. Now I feel good. “


KD was declared cured two weeks after the announcement that he was ill. But the pandemic didn’t stop him and rocked the US like no other country in the world, surpassing 100,000 deaths. “It all happened so suddenly – says Durant -. It is hard to explain what happened, what we had to do. Things will change, we will have to adapt. But these are strange, complicated times. And there is a lot of confusion. Even in sport, which slowly tries to start again, each in his own way looking for his new normal. It’s all really complicated, for everyone. “


The NBA has decided that its new normal will be the Disney World bubble, a campus to end the season suspended on March 11 by trying to keep the virus out. Players will be tested every night, quarantined the next morning if they test positive to the virus. Durant has decided that he will not be part of it, that his 2019-20, as expected since he began studying the return to the field from one of the worst injuries for a basketball player, will not even begin. Although he could go to Disney World anyway, to be with his Nets. “I have no idea what the NBA will look like when it returns to the pitch,” he says. I am curious to see what will happen because there are still months to return to the field, but I am looking forward to seeing how it will end this season. In NBA we have very intelligent leaders, who I am sure will ensure that everyone in Orlando is safe, and that the basketball we will see will be at the highest level. I’m sure everything will be fine. But I’m curious to see what the NBA will look like in a world grappling with Covid-19 “.

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