The best under 25s in the NFL

The General Managers repeat this mantra ad infinitum: young people are the future of a franchise. How can you blame him? Selecting a prospect who is already capable of achieving important performances from the very first steps in the NFL and then reaching his first well-established in a team’s schemes is no small feat. In this ranking you will not find quarterbacks, which otherwise would inexorably occupy almost all slots, and newly drafted players who for obvious reasons cannot be evaluated for their impact in the league. You will find only players under 25, that is, who will not have exceeded the threshold of 25 at the time of the seasonal kick-off. Given that there would be a large number of top-level players and that, like every ranking, it is a personal selection, which is why it is anything but unimaginable, let’s start.

10# Coutrland Sutton – WR, Denver Broncos

Someone else deserved this place and I got carried away by the orange faith. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the numbers that Sutton has produced in two years of career and the QB that served him: Case Keenum, Joe Flacco and Brandon Allen. Not Peyton Manning to understand us. Then when in mid 2020 2020 Denver decided to deprive himself of Sanders he actually placed Sutton in the position of WR # 1 with obvious double covers due to the lack of alternatives. With the arrival of Lock, however, the WR managed to be determined in the mini record of 4-1 and the talent is everything to be one of the best in the league.

Coutrland Sutton

9# Minkah Fitzpatrick – S, Pittsburgh Steelers

When the Steelers, orphans of Roethlisberger, invested the pick of the first round of 2020 to turn it to the Dolphins in exchange for Fitzpatrick, the scandal was almost shouted as the Pittsburgh season seemed already over. Yet with this move the season has turned with the defense that has risen in the chair to make up for the attack and much of the credit goes to the insertion of a leader like the ex Dolphins able in 14 games to contribute with 5 interceptions, 1 TD and 2 forced fumbles. Defense that ranks third among those of the league.

8# Chris Goodwin – WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He has always been among the most promising WR in the league since his arrival but only in the last season he managed to fully demonstrate his qualities by recording practically all career highs: 86 catches for 1,333 yards with 9 TD. This year he will have Tom Brady serving him instead of Jameis Winston, but it is not certain that it will be good for him. The type of game between the two is totally different and could be a double-edged sword for Goodwin, the slightly more conservative game that differentiates the two QB, as well as Gronkowski’s presence on the roster.

7# Myles Garrett – DE, Cleveland Browns

The former first pick of the 2017 draft of the Browns has had a few injuries too much in these three years managing to play “only” 37 games out of 48 in total, but in those played it resulted in an average of 0.82 sacks per game, not too much far to Chandler Jones who currently maintains the highest average. Pay for this little physical continuity but he is an absolute level player who will make the Browns’ fortunes find a square.

6# Nick Bosa – DE, San Francisco 49ers

Only one year in the NFL and already able to prove himself very ready for the league. When the various commentators “advised” the Cardinals to let go of Murray and take Bosa, they did not stray far from the true value of this player who is certainly the best playing out of the 2019 draft. 9 sacks and 25 QB hits in regular season are impressive numbers for a rookie as well as the 12 QB pressure record in the last Super Bowl, numbers recorded for the first time since 2006 in a playoff game.

Nick Bosa

5# Kenny Clark – DL, Green Bay Packers

Extremely underestimated player like all other colleagues. Ungrateful task that of the DL who often find themselves freeing up space for edge rushers who punctually go to the sack taking all the credit. In this, however, Clark in three years managed to score 5.5 sacks, 33 tackles and 7.7 tackles for loss. Added value in a defense that wants to raise the level like that of Green Bayy. He is very reminiscent of Chris Jones of the Chiefs with whom he shares the year of the draft and to whom he can easily get on par.

4# Jamal Adams – S, New York Jets

He is one of the few gems in the green gang but apparently he seems to be sure he wants to change the air. The player’s will is certainly to be built around a competitive team and at the same time to be rewarded economically by the statistics he managed to set up in three years: 273 tackles, 12 sacks and 2 interceptions to rattle off some numbers. Since 2006 he has been the only player to go above 20 or more pressures to QB succeeding in 2018 and repeating himself in 2019.

3# Christian McCaffrey – RB, Carolina Panthers

For the turn that the league is taking from an RB point of view, I found it difficult to place this role in the ranking, but McCaffrey absolutely could only fall into this top ten. In three years in Carolina he has put together dizzying numbers with 5,443 yards and 39 touchdowns throughout his NFL career. The Castle Rock native kept the Panthers’ shack in free fall almost alone and this year comes out of a memorable season with almost 2,400 yards and 19 touchdowns that earned him a pharaonic renewal light years away from renewal ideas contract for a runningback.

Christian McCaffrey

2# Derwin James – S, Los Angeles Chargers

A complicated slot because 2019 practically blew it entirely due to a stress fracture in the foot but the rookie year was something monstrous: 3.5 sacks, 3 interceptions and 105 tackles to bother some numbers. In the last season he has put together a few excerpts of matches but the numbers and grades have been repeated for a player who could be dominant in the NFL for a long time. Everything suggests a 2020 as a protagonist.

1# Quenton Nelson – G, Indianapolis Colts

The former Notre Dame is an impressive player and his numbers speak for themselves: grade of 79.4 in the role in his rookie year and 91.2 in the last. The average of the two seasons is the highest of all pariroles in the NFL and he has only been in the league for two years. Selected in the 2018 draft by anything but irresistible Colts, Nelson with his quality managed to revive a line that was anything but irresistible by helping the team get to the play-offs the following year. Pro Bowler in both years. A predestined and you see, the Colts are good at believing it unlike others (Vero Broncos ?!). If it weren’t for Mahomes he would be the best under 25 in the league even with the QB in the standings.

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