Reche Caldwell is dead. The former NFL player killed in a robbery attempt

Reche Caldwell, a former football player, was shot dead. The former San Diego and New England Patriots
player, who also played alongside the great Tom Brady, was killed by killers near his home. Caldwell would
have died during the ambulance transfer.

Robbery ended badly, Reche Caldwell dead
The former NFL receiver was killed on the night between Saturday and Sunday. The news was confirmed by
police in Tampa, Florida, where Caldwell lived after leaving the business. The police are investigating. So far
little is known. Apparently Caldwell had left the house, but he had come back in because he wanted to
retrieve a jacket, because it was perhaps cold, when he came out again he found himself in front of some
men who shot and killed him. TMZ, which broke the news, claims that whoever shot him probably tried to
kidnap him.

Who was Reche Caldwell, former NFL player
Born in 1979, Caldwell landed in the NFL after playing with the American Football team of the Florida
Gators College. As a professional he played with the San Diego Chargers, the New England Patriots, a team
that has marked an era in recent years and which has triumphed thanks to the immense Tom Brady, and
finally with the Washington Redskins. Then Caldwell left the NFL and played with the St. Louis Rams. After
leaving the business he ended up in a bad lap. Because the former player had been arrested for drug
dealing and sentenced to 27 months in prison in 2014, he had then been the author of an attempted
insurance scam, and had ended up on trial. The sentence is about to arrive, it is scheduled for this month of
June. And now Caldwell is dead probably killed in an attempted robbery near his home.

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